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Leading experts meet in austria on e-voting 
e-voting conference 06

  Mag. Thomas Ebner


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Electronic Voting - Status Quo & Future

Many countries worldwide have already started with e-voting-testruns on different levels. At the 2nd international conference on e-voting, leading experts will discuss the status quo and possible future developments in this sensitive area of the democratic process.

From August 2nd-4th, 2006, (starting at 9 a.m. local austrian time), MonitorTV reported live from one of the most important conference on e-voting worldwide.

For those of you who have missed the event all speeches and presentations given are available here for additional research and use. Just click on the "video"-links to access the desired presentation.

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Robert Krimmer
Interview with Robert Krimmer, Chairman of e-voting.cc and organizer of the 2nd international conference on e-voting

Summary of the conference
DIfference e-voting conference 2004 - conference 2006

One wish for e-voting

How did you get into "e-voting"?

e-voting in 15 years...?

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Introductory Session  --> Video (wmv)

Session 1: E-Voting Experiences  --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Thomas Buchsbaum

Session 2: Social, Technical and Political Issues of E-Voting  --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Michael Remmert  --> Video (wmv)

Session 3: Legal and Democratic Issues of E-Voting  --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Stuart Harrington

Thursday, 3rd of August

Session 4: Analyzing Solutions for the Uncontrolled Environment --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Roland Vogt

Session 7: Implementing E-Voting --> Video (wmv)

Session 6: Observing E-Voting --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Domenico Tuccinardi

Session 5: Redesigning Workflows for E-Voting --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Wolfgang Polasek

Friday, 4th of August

Session 8: Security for E-Voting --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Epp Maaten

Session 9: Political Views and Democratic Challenges --> Video (wmv)
Session Chair: Josep Reniu

Final remarks and conference summary by Robert Krimmer --> Video (wmv)


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