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Dr. Frank Wilcek
N O B E L P R I Z E   W I N N E R
The universe is a strange place...
What is the universe? What do physicians know about how the universe was created? Do physicians see a "helping hand" in the creation of the universe? How does  political circumstances influence the work of top scientists?
MonitorTV-Interview with: 
Dr. Frank Wilcek, Nobelprize Winner Physics 2004 about facts, figures and a pretty strange universe...
Dr. Frank Wilcek
Frank Wilcek, born in 1951, was always interested in mysteries and puzzles. Starting with mathematics he moved to physics to describe and discover the strange parts of the universe. 

Dr. Frank Wilcek The universe is a strange place...

Dr. Frank Wilcek: Well, the title of the talk was "The universe is a strange place" and most of the talk was about the ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek You emphasize in your speech, that the human race was pretty lucky how the universe developed...

Dr. Frank Wilcek: There are lots of things that could have gone wrong on the way to create complex chemistry  ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek There is a discussion between Creationists and Scientists. For you as a physician, do you see a "helping hand"...?

Dr. Frank Wilcek: Well, I don't see anything in current physics or science compells us to look beyond naturalistic  ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek Is the "Creation-Discussion" affecting your work as a scientist, e.g. not to ask certain questions...?

Dr. Frank Wilcek: I don't think it has reached that level at the fronteers of research. It has not really ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek You are nobelprize winner for physics in 2004. What exactly is the discovery for which you were awarded?

Dr. Frank Wilcek: Well, there are four fundamental forces that we know about in nature: There is the ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek What has changed personally for you by receiving the nobel prize?

Dr. Frank Wilcek: Well, first of all, I sleep better in october. I thought for roughly 20 years that it was a possibility ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek What is your advice for young people who want to make a career in a scientific profession?

Dr. Frank Wilcek: Let me start with a quote from one of my heros, Richard Feynman, who said: What one fool  ... [more]
Dr. Frank Wilcek
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